November 22, 2017

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Office Space Available for Rent


Gateway Community Action has Office Cubicles for Rent

Location: Regional Enterprise Center

151 University Drive

West Liberty, KY 41472


Availability: Immediate

Monthly Rent: $350.00

Rental Agreement Overview:

LESSOR is Gateway Community Action; LESSEE is he/she renting the space

-       The LESSEE shall be granted internet access. 

-       The LESSOR will provide the LESSEE with receptionist services. 

-       The LESSOR will provide the LESSEE with access to fax and copier. LESSEE shall reimburse the LESSOR, the cost related thereto in accordance with the agency fee schedule.  

-       Facility and business complex keys will be issued.

-       LESSEE may reserve conference rooms, access will be based upon availability. 

Anyone interested in viewing the space may contact Linda Elam at 606-743-3133 to schedule an appointment.

P. O. Box 367 / 151 University Drive • West Liberty, Kentucky 41472  • 606.743.3133 •